On-Court Communication Tips

When you move to the 6-person indoor game the complexity rises, requiring even more communication. Here are some tips on how to improve on-court communication.

Make sure calls are strong and followed by action

There is nothing worse to see than a player calling the ball, making an initial move for it, then stopping to let someone else take it. A good call of the ball is loud and authoritative, leaving no doubt that player is getting the ball. Calling the ball three times – “mine, mine, mine” – is a good idea, as it leaves no doubt. The call should be followed by movement with intention (or happen at the same time) – nothing tentative. The only thing that should cause the player to stop going for the ball is someone beating them to the spot. Calling the ball and moving with conviction will eliminate a great many balls dropping between two players.


There are probably things which don’t need to be repeatedly said, like whether the setter is front or back row on the 5th straight serve. Saying it anyway develops the habit

Volleyball and Real World Application

Bystanders may find the sport fun and fast paced, but they rarely understand all of the effort that goes into playing it. Playing volleyball involves more than learning how court chemistry comes together and how plays are run. Playing involves learning the moves and habits of your teammates as well as gaining a sense of awareness. By practicing, a person can develop awareness and critical thinking skills that are important in the game and life.

Skills to be Successful

For a setter, volleyball is like a game of chess. It is all about reading the other players and keeping track of his or her own team. A setter has to be more aware than the other players on the court because he or she controls the pace of the entire game. To play this position successfully, a setter must be witty and smart. He or She must be able to think faster than the pace of the game. On top of that, a setter needs to be able to express his or her thoughts to teammates as well as to listen to teammates. Communication, like

The Label Brand of Badminton

Then again, the company is most dominant in the game of badminton. Yonex is well-known for their badminton rackets and shoes. They may not be the most economical in terms of price tag, but the high cost certainly equates to top quality. The Yonex badminton brand would not be as popular among a lot of Olympians and professional players if gears are not as effective and would easily wear and tear.

Probably the most admired of the Yonex badminton products is their badminton rackets. Not only do they appear innovative, they are very efficient from the latest technologies used too. Some of the technologies and innovations are Nanoscience, Elastic Titanum, New Grommet System and Solid Feel Core. The badminton rackets have the Nanoscience technology wherein the head of equipment is lighter and thinner. This allows players, whether beginners or advanced, to swing easier and maximize their power. Also, the frame of the racket is stronger and not as stiff from the Elastic Titanum innovation.

The New Grommet System of the Yonex badminton rackets make for better string tension. This produces better shots. A technology

My Friend Introduced Me to a New Hobby

I really did not know much about racing until a Formula One race track was built in my city a few years ago. So many people were excited about it being built, but I didn’t pay much attention since I knew so little about what it was like. Then, after it was built, a friend of mine called and said that he had an extra race admission ticket. I figured it sounded fun, and I am always up for something new, so I told him I would be happy to tag along with him. That day changed my life! I had no idea just how much fun it is to see cars racing at top speeds around a track until that day!

I’ve never been much into sports. I have always watched a few things here and there during the Olympics at times, but that was it. My family has never been into sports.

Play Zombie Paintball

As the riders are driven through a course, they shoot at people dressed up as the undead. In most games geared for the general public, the zombies are not armed so they do not shoot back. The poor zombies in this game are basically scary pieces of meat you get to blast with paintballs. As a worker in the trenches, the job of being one of the zombies leaves much to be desired. However, if done correctly with lots of effort into props, details, storyline, and the right equipment, the zombie hayride can be a scary and exciting experience you will never forget.

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait until Halloween to play zombie paintball. There are several other game variations that are even more fun. These games can be played any time of the year in the field behind your house. If you’re a paintball enthusiast and play frequently, try some of these zombie game variations for a different spin on the same old game. You can also play zombie paintball as a Halloween or birthday party theme your guests will never forget. When playing recreationally, you won’t need a lot of extra paintball supplies like a professional field or

Ski Vacation Threats

One of the most common reason of getting shin bang is wearing oversized boots. Wearing oversized boots mean that your heels are not being held in place perfectly, which causes your feet to slid to the front of the boots. This may end up landing in the backseat. So here are some ideas to prevent hurting your shins.

Wearing a perfectly fitted boots is one of the top recommendations in order to prevent shin bang. It is advised to consult to a professional boot fitter before you hit the slopes on your ski trip.

Although, there are boots that perfectly fit yet there are times that the liners have gotten packed out, putting your heels in a not so perfect place. If it happens, use a foot bed to help your feet stay still in the boots and prevents you from landing on the backseat. Likewise, if your boots are loose at the top (upper cuff/ top buckle) you tend to stand more upright and it make the boots feel a bit softer increasing the tendency to land in the backseat. Therefore, use booster straps to help it get tight enough.

If you are using your old boots or rental boots, try to


This type of skiing was invented in the 1950s. The set of equipment used is pretty much the same with what is used in conventional skiing. A monoskier skis using a single double wide ski where he or she plants both their feet on the board facing forward and skis using styled ski poles.

For regular skiers who want to try monoskiing, picking up the whole dynamics of it is easy however, it takes some time before they get used to it especially when it comes to balance. Performing stunts and tricks, reaching high speeds, catching air and engaging in traditional cross-country skiing are still possible with monoskiing.

This skiing is actually easier on the knees than conventional skiing, that is why it appeals mostly to skies with weak knees. In monoskiing, the weight is centered between the knees while they move with the axis of movement. Even those who have history of knee injury could still try monoskiing. This type of skiing mainly requires a lot of upper body effort, balancing the work between upper and lower body more equally than in conventional skiing.

The good news is, this type of skiing also caters to the interests of disabled skiers which enables

Beach Volleyball

The Olympic universe first saw beach volleyball during the Atlanta Olympics in 1996. Since 1996, there has been no looking back for the sport as it gained worldwide acceptance and popularity. After each match, spectators are left positively content with the all the thrill and action they get to see. Horse Guards Parade, a place close to Trafalgar Square, which is now being filled with sand weighing almost 3000 metric tonnes, will host Beach volleyball competition this time in the London Summer Olympics in 2012.

Beach volleyball and volleyball played indoors is different in two ways. Firstly, the turf is filled with sand and is an outdoor game. Secondly, there are two players in a team whereas the indoor version has six players.

The objective is simple — to ground your ball in your opponent’s court. After each serve, a team gets three shots to move the ball across the net towards the opposition. The ball used must weigh between 260 -280 grams. There are two referees to oversee a match. Three sets are needed to complete a match and 21 points are needed for winning a set. A very demanding game, beach volleyball requires strength, stamina, speed and exceptional navigational skills

Fish Tales

The ritual begins by prepping the area for service. Weed-whacking the over grown banks, setting up sleeping tents, and icing down multiple cases of beer. A huge bonfire is built and maintained constantly throughout the long weekend, employing the same basic primal instincts used by their ancestors who themselves had a quest for fire.

I had endured the festival more than once through the years, many other years not at all. On this one particular weekend, I had planned to visit just for the afternoon, a silly thing like employment had shortened any possibility of me going through the entire process of mental cleansing. The annual campsite is a beautiful, wooded area on the South fork of the Shenandoah. When I arrived, about six guys had already completed the initial steps of preparation and had moved on to Phase Two. Drinking beer, shooting the empty cans with the one pellet gun available and stoking the fire from time to time. I made my friendly chit-chat with the gang before beginning on my real quest, which was to go and do some fishin’. This is a great stretch of water for doing battle with descent sized smallmouth. I walked through the field

Start A Winning Tournament Paintball Team

The first step is to establish yourself as a solid player. You don’t need to be the most experienced or have the most expensive gear, but you should show other players you are easy to work with and is totally dependable. Show this to people during actual games by protecting other player’s backs and working hard to help achieve the game’s mission. Show other players how committed and ready you are to play and devote time to bettering your skills.

Putting out much effort like this will attract others who have the same desires as you and it shouldn’t be hard finding people who are willing to work. While working on becoming a better paintball athlete, keep your radar open for observing other players who have the same mindset and qualities that will benefit your team. In tournament style paintball, players hold certain positions on the field, so you will need to look for people who will fill them all for a complete team. The best teams are made of players who are adept at multiple areas on the field rather than just their own position. This will give you an automatic back up system just in case one of your

Protection for Your Dock and Boat

While our primary reason for applying dock protection is to protect our own property, we must think about damage that could occur as other boaters come and go from your dock. You have more experience coming and going in your own environment and you know how the outdoor elements will affect it. Others may not have that experience or knowledge.

Dock bumpers can provide protection against those bumps and dings that are nearly unavoidable when the water gets rough, and can save you those potential costly repair expenses.

Dock bumpers are lightweight, flexible, and can be placed on multiple parts of the dock. The most useful are those that get attached right to a dock’s edges and run parallel to the side of a boat when it is docked, but you might also choose to install corner bumpers and post bumpers that fix to posts and roof columns for increased safety. As an added bonus, installation is easy and they tend to be resistant to fungi, so once they are attached you won’t have to spend much time worrying about them.

What to consider when buying dock bumpers:

One thing that you should consider if you are installing dock bumpers yourself is the material

Prepare For Your First Paintball Game

It definitely hurts to get hit and will leave a dark colored bruise if impacting directly against the skin; loose clothing helps diffuse some of the sting as well as add extra protection against your playing environment. Clothing that’s too loose however can get caught on branches or low lying brush when playing in the woods. On the other hand, tight clothing is a no-no; you want to wear clothing that you can move around in without much resistance or discomfort.

The type of paintball clothing you choose is up to you and often dependent on the type of game you play. Camouflage apparel that blends into your surroundings is best for woodsball type games, while tournament players often wear paintball jerseys or professional style uniforms. While the type of apparel you choose is up to you, a protective mask is mandatory. You are not allowed to play paintball without goggles to protect your eyes. A direct hit to the eye or even paint splatter can cause serious permanent injury so a paintball mask is mandatory equipment. Paintball goggles come in many shapes and sizes however must be ASTM rated and approved for the sport so should only be bought from

Motocross a My Lifestyle

There is always going to be a “bad side” to anything that we do in life. With motocross, it seems to be a very steep money mountain to climb. For starters, there is the bikes that you ride, protective gear, and the parts for the bike that will cost anywhere from 5 thousand dollars as a young kid to 15 thousand when you have the bigger bikes. Along with those costs you will also be paying for the gas to travel to the races, the fees to get into the races, and hotel or camper fees if you have a camper. As the bad side goes for a sport that is the financial side of motocross. These costs add up over years of getting new bikes, gear, and parts. These could put a toll on you and your family financially.

Though there is a major negative side to motocross, I must say the great part of motocross is the parts big and little in life it will give you. As I said before I have been racing and riding dirt bikes since I was 4 years old. This sport has been a huge part of my life and will be

Choosing the Right Shoes

Tournaments are visited by thousands of spectators and it is deemed as a nationally played sport in many countries around the world. Just like many other sports, volleyball requires certain skills and also requires some special tools and equipment. A good example of this is the volleyball shoe.

Volleyball shoes are extremely important in the game. Although there may be a lot of sneakers available in the market, in order to play the game well, you have to make sure you take a good look at your shoes so that you are provided will all the benefits to enhance your volleyball skills. If you have just started taking up the sport and don’t know how to choose a good pair of volleyball shoes, then here are some tips to help you out.

Among the first things that you are going to need to look for when choosing a basketball shoe is lightness. Some people use basketball shoes when they play volleyball but the problem is that a lot of basketball shoes are actually a lot heavier than what you need for volleyball. Volleyball is a sport where you need a lot of quick and sudden movements which essentially means that you can

Formula One and Indycar

Formula One racing has always been on tracks that include most of the features of ordinary motor roads, especially tight bends and moderate inclines, whereas Indy racing was for many years confined to special race tracks formed in an oval with banked curves at each end. Since 2005, however, Indy racing has increasingly included some events on road and street courses and these have come to predominate with only about one-third of races now taking place on oval tracks. In this respect, the two motor sports seem to have become more alike, but the contrast between Formula One and Indy racing on the oval track remains.

From a European perspective, sport in the USA in general seems to tend to the fast and spectacular, whereas Europeans, the British especially, take more interest in longer slower competitions with intermittent action. The contrast is perhaps most stark when comparing baseball with cricket. So it seems to be with motor racing, with the oval track in the USA allowing continuous near all-out speed, and the tight curves and chicanes of Formula One bringing the cars almost to rest, as, for example, at the Monaco Grand Prix event held annually around the narrow streets of

Strength Is Your Foundation

The repetitions of training and the work a player does off of the court for strength are all factors that determine how well a player can move.

Always try to keep your feet as wide as your shoulders. This gives you a stable base. As you become more accomplished as a player, your base will become wider as you get stronger. If possible, keep your head between your knees when you move so that you stay balanced when moving laterally. When moving forward or backward, keep your body weight distributed evenly on your feet and not on your toes or heels. Keep your head slightly in front of your trunk. If you lead with your head, your body will follow. If you fall back with your head, your body will again follow and you will be caught out of position. Your feet should be pointing straight ahead. Avoid having your toes out like a duck or in like a pigeon.

To maintain a stable body position, keep your knees in line with your toes. Often beginners are not strong enough to hold this position. This is one of the reasons why we focus on strength being your foundation. Beginners tend to have

Get The Big Bluegills

Bluegills are one kind of fish the big ones are the prized catch. And, if you are going to eat what you catch, cleaning the bigger fish is much easier than little ones. Let’s see if I can give you some tips to help you catch those big ones.

First of all, fishing for big bluegills is a bit like fishing for bass. Study the local water and find what feed is available – naturally. Use bait or lures that resemble the natural feed supply as closely as possible. Make your presentation of the lure or bait also as near as you can to what the bluegills would see everyday.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that because you can catch the little ones easily, that you can catch the big ones easily also. They did not get to be big by being stupid or biting on anything. They will be more shy than their little relatives and caution in presenting your bait or lure is a good trait to have. You will notice how wary they are when they move into shallow water to spawn – or – feed. If you can maintain some distance from their beds and reach them with

Let’s Go Fishing

Captain George Mittler taught us about bait and trolling speeds. He commented that you want the bait to be constantly swimming with a natural presentation. Trolling speed is important when it comes to sea weather conditions. On a flat day you’ll troll about eight knots to keep that bait swimming or just skimming along on the surface. In a 2 – 3 foot sea you’ll possibly drop down to six knots. If you go any faster than that your bait is going to be flying. If it’s 4 – 6 foot seas, you’re going to be low and may be going only 3-4 knots. With that, Rebecca asked if that live bait is dead. Everybody erupted into laughter and she not only made our day but she helped soften the learning.

The week before class begins, Betty Baum (owner of LLGF) sends you a wealth of information for review. This includes: agenda, fishing terminology, knots, information regarding the Friday Party Master Chef Potluck Appetizer Contest, directions for the event and recommended lodging, silent auction, optional fishing for Sunday, and cancellation policy. Basically everything you’ll need to know before class starts.

The event kicked off on Thursday night with an appetizer contest and

Water to Ice

We are anxious to get out on the ice. Is it thick enough? Ice fishing is one of the most dangerous methods of fishing. Caution must be taken, especially when we are so eager to get started. There have been many accidents on our lake. Unfortunate stories have been told of hummers, trucks, cars, snowmobiles, animals and of course people breaking through the ice. A sure way to start the season off on the wrong foot. Some fisherman risk walking on ice at two and a half inches, when experts recommend a minimum of four inches. Ice thickness varies, especially in lakes with greatly varying depths. Our lake can drop twenty feet in a lateral distance of eight feet. This means the ice thickness will vary greatly early in the season. Six inches is recommended for sleds and snow mobiles. Ten inches for smaller vehicles and at least 16 solid inches for full sized trucks. In our seven years on the lake, the ice thickness was over 10 inches only once.

There are other risks to be aware of when out on the ice. Frostbite can occur from prolonged exposure to wind and the low temperatures. Proper winter clothing is essential. These days there

Cast Fishing Line

You can use an open-face, closed-face or spin-cast reel for spin casting.

Hold the rod at about waist level, grasping it so that the reel is below the rod, and the stem of the reel feels natural between your fingers. The bait or lure should be hanging 10-18 inches below the end of the rod.

Hook the line with your forefinger, and open the bail, continuing to hold the line.

Pull the rod tip back so the tip sweeps over your dominant shoulder, and then bring it forward swiftly pointing the rod tip at your target. As the rod comes forward of your shoulder release the line with your finger so the weight of the lure pulls line off the reel. Close the bail with your hand, and you’re ready to reel the lure back in again.


The drag is simply a pair of friction plates inside of fishing reels. If the fish pulls on the line hard enough, the friction is overcome, and the reel rotates backwards, letting line out, preventing the line from breaking. You want to set the drag on a fishing reel before your first cast of the day. Adjusting it while fighting a