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Prepare For Your First Paintball Game

It definitely hurts to get hit and will leave a dark colored bruise if impacting directly against the skin; loose clothing helps diffuse some of the sting as well as add extra protection against your playing environment. Clothing that’s too loose however can get caught on branches or low lying brush when playing in the woods. On the other hand, tight clothing is a no-no; you want to wear clothing that you can move around in without much resistance or discomfort.

The type of paintball clothing you choose is up to you and often dependent on the type of game you play. Camouflage apparel that blends into your surroundings is best for woodsball type games, while tournament players often wear paintball jerseys or professional style uniforms. While the type of apparel you choose is up to you, a protective mask is mandatory. You are not allowed to play paintball without goggles to protect your eyes. A direct hit to the eye or even paint splatter can cause serious permanent injury so a paintball mask is mandatory equipment. Paintball goggles come in many shapes and sizes however must be ASTM rated and approved for the sport so should only be bought from an authorized dealer.

To start with, bring the bare minimum equipment you will need to play; a paintball marker, hopper, air tank and mask. If you’re playing at a commercial park, you can rent this equipment for a minimal cost or perhaps you can borrow it from a friend. You can also buy start-up good beginner paintball gear in a package deal for a cheap price at many online stores. It’s best to play your first game or two with rental equipment however so it doesn’t cost much try the game to see if you like it and might play again. Once you’ve decided paintball is something you will play again, start with basic equipment to learn with and you can always upgrade to more advanced guns and supplies later.

Once you have the equipment you’ll be using, it’s smart to get comfortable with it before the game starts. Have someone show you how the paintball marker works, including taking it apart, cleaning it and how to change your air tank safely when empty. Shoot the marker a few times before going out on the field so you can get a feel for aiming and shooting it and to make sure there’s no technical problems that may interrupt your game. Snorkeling can be a terrific experience, unless you’re plagued with equipment problems like a fogging mask or leaking snorkel; then it’s terrible! Paintball is the same way. Make sure everything works before the game starts or you will just be a target for all the other players.


Motocross a My Lifestyle

There is always going to be a “bad side” to anything that we do in life. With motocross, it seems to be a very steep money mountain to climb. For starters, there is the bikes that you ride, protective gear, and the parts for the bike that will cost anywhere from 5 thousand dollars as a young kid to 15 thousand when you have the bigger bikes. Along with those costs you will also be paying for the gas to travel to the races, the fees to get into the races, and hotel or camper fees if you have a camper. As the bad side goes for a sport that is the financial side of motocross. These costs add up over years of getting new bikes, gear, and parts. These could put a toll on you and your family financially.

Though there is a major negative side to motocross, I must say the great part of motocross is the parts big and little in life it will give you. As I said before I have been racing and riding dirt bikes since I was 4 years old. This sport has been a huge part of my life and will be for the rest of it. Motocross is the part of me that will always bring out the adrenaline junkie and the little kid that is trying to fly and be just like he imagines the superstars are. Motocross has given me the feeling of flying and the crushing sensation of being driven into the earth at a high rate of speed. These feelings good and bad are something I would never trade for anything. There is nothing more freeing that being out on your bike whether it be on a track, trails, or just out in the middle of some open field and being able to go where you want or as fast as you want. The feeling that you feel as you fly 50 feet off the ground and for a 150-foot distance is like nothing else. It’s almost as if I have motocross running through my veins and I only feel this good and clear when I am on my dirt bike. After you ride so long you feel as if the bike is an extension of you. There is always the big feelings of winning races or championships but these feelings that come over you when you ride mean the most to me.

Another rewarding aspect to the sport is getting to see little kids grow and love the sport as much as I did growing up. It is always so nice to be able to help the younger generation improve by giving them tips or helping them overcome their fears. Motocross has a special way of connecting all your family and friends. Not only does your family grow closer, but with this sport you can become closer with everyone in the motocross community as you travel, ride, and compete with them. Motocross is something that brings everything out of you and lets you grow as a person and that is worth every penny to me.

Volleyball and Real World Application

Bystanders may find the sport fun and fast paced, but they rarely understand all of the effort that goes into playing it. Playing volleyball involves more than learning how court chemistry comes together and how plays are run. Playing involves learning the moves and habits of your teammates as well as gaining a sense of awareness. By practicing, a person can develop awareness and critical thinking skills that are important in the game and life.

Skills to be Successful

For a setter, volleyball is like a game of chess. It is all about reading the other players and keeping track of his or her own team. A setter has to be more aware than the other players on the court because he or she controls the pace of the entire game. To play this position successfully, a setter must be witty and smart. He or She must be able to think faster than the pace of the game. On top of that, a setter needs to be able to express his or her thoughts to teammates as well as to listen to teammates. Communication, like in anything else, is a key factor of success in volleyball. A defender must communicate with teammates about positioning. If one player cannot reach the ball, his or her teammates need to know, so they can reach the ball. Players talk to each other during a play to help make decisions about if the ball is in or out of bounds, and players will normally give advice on what play to run. Sometimes players will voice encouragements if another teammate is not playing their best. Another example of communication in volleyball is how a setter and hitter communicate effectively to set the ball along the net where it will not be blocked. Some skills that a setter needs to be successful are as follows:

• Know where everyone is supposed to be on the court at all times.
• Read his or her opponent’s behavior and make small adjustments.
• Communicate thoughts and intentions to teammates.
• Move swiftly and think rapidly.
• Plan moves steps ahead.
• Make calculated movements that do not indicate plays to defenders.

Real Life Application

Communication, strategy, and critical thinking are skills that educators work hard to teach effectively. College focuses on testing a student’s ability to perform critical thinking activities. Some professors do not understand how students are coming to college with such limited practice in this area. While students have practiced critical thinking in a classroom environment, many students have never been exposed to critical thinking in a realistic setting. Sports are a realistic outlet that can give students an opportunity to begin developing these very important skills.

When someone is able to grow up practicing these skills in a scenario that he or she enjoys, that person learns faster and gives motivation to solve complex problems in life. Passion to learn infused within these necessary skills, one is able to gain experience in a fun, involving way.

Choosing the Right Shoes

Tournaments are visited by thousands of spectators and it is deemed as a nationally played sport in many countries around the world. Just like many other sports, volleyball requires certain skills and also requires some special tools and equipment. A good example of this is the volleyball shoe.

Volleyball shoes are extremely important in the game. Although there may be a lot of sneakers available in the market, in order to play the game well, you have to make sure you take a good look at your shoes so that you are provided will all the benefits to enhance your volleyball skills. If you have just started taking up the sport and don’t know how to choose a good pair of volleyball shoes, then here are some tips to help you out.

Among the first things that you are going to need to look for when choosing a basketball shoe is lightness. Some people use basketball shoes when they play volleyball but the problem is that a lot of basketball shoes are actually a lot heavier than what you need for volleyball. Volleyball is a sport where you need a lot of quick and sudden movements which essentially means that you can be tied down by your shoes. Getting a light shoe helps you to lift of the ground easier but at the same time also allows you to make quick dashes when needed.

Another important aspect in choosing volleyball shoes is grip. Volleyball courts can become slippery from sweat because it is a sport that involves quite a lot of diving. At the same time, because you do need to make a lot of sudden dashes, you must have traction. Since a typical indoor game is done on a polished wood floor, that can be difficult if you don’t have the right grip on your shoes. Additionally, it is important to remember that grip is needed to be able to stop as well. When you make a sudden dash and need to stop to receive a ball your shoes can’t slip and the only way to ensure that is to make sure you have good grip on the shoes.

Something that is unique to volleyball is that you go through a number of motions within a game. One of these motions is jumping or diving. For activities like those, you have to make sure that your feet are supported which is why you need shoes with good shock resistance. Without it, you stand the risk of injuring yourself and that can be extremely painful. With the right support your ankles will be firmer and your knees won’t have as difficult a time keeping up.