How Lip Products Are Empowering Women

As any woman who uses makeup can attest, finding the right lip product can be a struggle. Even if they find a flattering color, users usually need to reapply lip color all day long. Some have turned to long-lasting lipstick products, but they usually contain drying agents. Most lipsticks and glosses fail to protect lips. With these kinds of cosmetic challenges in mind, Joni-Rogers Kante invented LipSense in 1999. Beginning with just six colors, she had a goal of providing a long-lasting, protective, beautiful product that could be sold by independent distributors. She planned to offer each woman a chance to become a Lipsense Distributor. Her strategy to empower women has provided employment to thousands of previous customers.

Lip Colors Create a Stunning Look

The company behind LipSense is SeneGence; a business committed providing women with effective, responsibly sourced personal care products. The lip colors were the flagship offerings and are still some of the most post popular products. They provide long-lasting coverage that does not dry out lips. Clients can also choose from a wide range of colors and textures. It is waterproof, does not kiss off and cannot even be rubbed off. Clients are offered a starter set that contains a moisturizing gloss, lip color and Ooop! Remover. One application can last up to 18 hours.

Customers Can Sell Lip Products

As word of the amazing lip color has spread around the globe, many customers have become distributors for the company. They are now selling it to other women. It is an effective approach because distributors are walking advertisements for the beautiful colors. They are also application experts and can offer clients a variety of complementary cosmetics. These include lip balm, lip volumizer, and lip conditioning polish.

The Cosmetics Company Empowers Distributors

Distributors of the lip products do very well because they can buy a range of products at discounts and sell at attractive profits. In addition to lip products, they can offer customers eye, body, and skin care merchandise. The company behind the products supports distributors with training, mentoring programs, and encouragement.

Many women who love the LipSense line of products have become distributors who earn a comfortable income selling them. The cosmetic company behind the lip products is committed to empowering women as well as providing quality products.