My Friend Introduced Me to a New Hobby

I really did not know much about racing until a Formula One race track was built in my city a few years ago. So many people were excited about it being built, but I didn’t pay much attention since I knew so little about what it was like. Then, after it was built, a friend of mine called and said that he had an extra race admission ticket. I figured it sounded fun, and I am always up for something new, so I told him I would be happy to tag along with him. That day changed my life! I had no idea just how much fun it is to see cars racing at top speeds around a track until that day!

I’ve never been much into sports. I have always watched a few things here and there during the Olympics at times, but that was it. My family has never been into sports. I never thought I would be into motorsports either, but now I can’t get enough of it. My friend has always been into watching racing on TV. When I went with him that day, he was very patient with me and explained how it all worked. He pointed out who all the different drivers were and more. Halfway through our time there, I found myself getting more excited and rooting for my very own favorite driver!

My friend is a bit wealthy, so I was treated to so many nice things that day. We ate some of the best food and wine that I’ve ever had. There are snack stands at the track, but there’s also a restaurant there, and that is where we ate. While watching he race, we got to sit in a special area where the people with high-dollar tickets get to sit with an excellent view of everything. He promised me that he would take me to the next race, and I’m pretty excited about that. Now, I really enjoy checking online race news to hear how my favorite drivers are doing.