Play Zombie Paintball

As the riders are driven through a course, they shoot at people dressed up as the undead. In most games geared for the general public, the zombies are not armed so they do not shoot back. The poor zombies in this game are basically scary pieces of meat you get to blast with paintballs. As a worker in the trenches, the job of being one of the zombies leaves much to be desired. However, if done correctly with lots of effort into props, details, storyline, and the right equipment, the zombie hayride can be a scary and exciting experience you will never forget.

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait until Halloween to play zombie paintball. There are several other game variations that are even more fun. These games can be played any time of the year in the field behind your house. If you’re a paintball enthusiast and play frequently, try some of these zombie game variations for a different spin on the same old game. You can also play zombie paintball as a Halloween or birthday party theme your guests will never forget. When playing recreationally, you won’t need a lot of extra paintball supplies like a professional field or business would have. However the more elaborate the costumes and props are, the more fun and memorable your game will be should your budget allow. When you don’t have to cater to the general public, you won’t need a giant hay wagon to carry around players. You can also have the option of arming the zombies with paintball guns so they can shoot back for a much more interesting and exciting game.

To play zombie paintball, you will need at least 8-10 people, however the more the better. Games with more people equal more zombies and much more fun. Split up into two teams with numbers specific to the game variation you decide upon. One game has two teams, zombies vs. humans, each armed with paintball guns. Obviously, each team tries to eliminate the other but the spin is this… zombies can only be killed with head shots, they can be hit in the body repeatedly without being eliminated. If a zombie shoots a human, the human is incapacitated for a period of time (5 minutes) and then can continue to play as a zombie trying to eliminate humans. No matter how good the human team is, eventually the zombie team overwhelms the humans nearly every time. This is because head shots are very difficult in paintball if you don’t know what you’re doing or don’t have a precise enough marker. Considering this, split your teams up in the beginning with slightly less players as zombies and more players on the human team.